University District

River and BridgeMission and Purpose Statement

Purpose of the University District Alliance

The Alliance is an initiative of communities, learning institutions, and the City of Minneapolis that works to make the area surrounding the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis one that:

  • capitalizes on its exceptional resources;
  • is vibrant, safe, healthy, and sustainable;
  • is a preferred place for people of all ages to live, work, learn, do business, and visit.

Goals for Achieving the Purpose of the University District Alliance

Goal 1: Create a unique identity for the University District as a positive, welcoming, and forward-looking place to live, work, invest, and vist.

Goal 2: Develop the University District Alliance into a professionally run partnership of strong and supportive member organizations.

Goal 3: Increase the number of long-term residents and broaden the socioeconomic and demographic make-up of the population.

Goal 4: Improve the quality and diversity of the housing stock.

Goal 5: Attract and retain enterprises that capitalize on the assets of the District.

Goal 6: Demonstate quality urban design and sustainable urban development.

Goal 7: Facilitate communication and cooperation among the residents, businesses, institutions, and public sector entities.

Goal 8: Cultivate a healthy living and learning environment by bringing together the academic, research, artistic, and municipal resources of the University and the partners.

University District Alliance Neighborhoods

Member Organizations

Executive Committee and Board of Directors

  • Steve Peacock, Augsburg College
  • Jacob Frey, City of Minneapolis
  • Cam Gordon, City of Minneapolis *
  • Randal Gast, Dinkytown Business Alliance*
  • Doug Carlson, Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association *
  • Nick Minderman, Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (alternate)
  • Ted Tucker, Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association*
  • Quinn Carr, Professional Student Government
  • Trey Johnson, Minnesota Student Association*
  • Nicholas Wilson, Minnesota Student Association (alternate)
  • Eric Amel, Prospect Park Association (alternate)
  • Dick Gilyard, Prospect Park Association 
  • Dick Poppele, Prospect Park Association 
  • Bill Dane, South East Como Improvement Association
  • Katie Fournier, South East Como Improvement Association *
  • Mohamed Jama, West Bank Community Coalition
  • Mubashir Jeilani, West bank Community Coalition
  • Mark Johnson, West Bank Business Association
  • Jamie Schumacher, West Bank Business Association (alternate)
  • Michael McLaughlin, South East Business Association
  • Pierre Willette, Stadium Village Business Association 
  • Andrew Furco, University of Minnesota
  • Brian Swanson, University of Minnesota *
  • Suzanne Smith, University of Minnesota

*Executive Committee Officers and Executive Committee Members


  • Granary Corridor Task Force
  • Housing Committee, Chair Katie Fournier
  • Livability Committee, Co-chairs are Mary Mellen and Bill Dane

Staff Contacts

Alliance Background

Important Dates in the History of the Alliance


Articles of Incorporation

Alliance Creation Documents

Moving Forward Together

2007 - 2009 Progress Report

Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Minnesota and the University District Alliance

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